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Single Mode Lasers (Seeds)

  Product Name Description
CM97A1064 Pulsed 1064nm High Power Mini-Butterfly Laser Diode Module without FBG
CM97A1064BFBG Pulsed 1064nm Ultra Broadband FBG High Power Laser Diode Mini-Butterfly Module
CM97A1064NFBG  Pulsed 1064nm Narrow Bandwidth FBG High Power Laser Diode Mini-Butterfly Module
CMDFB10xxA Wavelength Stabilized 1064nm/1030nm DFB Laser Diode Mini-Butterfly Module
CM97-1000-76PM 976nm Mini-Butterfly Laser Diode Pump Module with FBG and PM Fiber

980nm Pump Lasers

980nm Single Mode Cooled and Uncooled Pump Laser Portfolio

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