Custom designed modules

High Power Laser Diode Multi-Bar Modules

Custom module product leverages our core competencies in chip, packaging and optical design, plus extensive expertise in manufacturing process and application development. 
We have worked closely with our customers to come up with unique product designs that offer state-of-art custom solutions for industrial and commercial applications. Most of the custom modules require special optical design for FAC and SAC lensing as well as extensive beam shaping and combining.
Here are some examples:

  • High power laser diode modules for fiber laser and DPSS laser pumping
  • KW modules with line beam output for thermal annealing
  • Multi-single emitter bundles for printing applications
  • High power fiber coupled laser diode modules for medical applications

Please call your local sales representatives to discuss your specific application and use cases.


  • Solid-state laser pumping
  • Printing/Reprographics
  • Material processing
  • Medical/Life and health sciences
  • Defense and security
  • Illumination


  • Up to >100W CW per bar out of a 10 mm x 1 µm active area for high brightness
  • Multiple wavelength ranges available from 780 nm to 980 nm for application flexibility
  • Modular and compact for easy integration
  • Scalable platforms with that meet advanced future power requirements
  • Durable construction for use in rugged environments at elevated temperatures
  • Expected lifetime of standard products >10,000 hours


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