Monsoon Compact framed vertical stack module

50-200W/bar, up to 36 stackable bars in a reliable package

Monsoon Compact framed vertical stack modules are built with high-power laser diode bars to provide an extremely compact source of very high-intensity light up to multiple kW. Up to 36 stackable laser bars of 50-200W can be packaged together to provide modular flexibility to match the demanding application requirement. Monsoon stack modules are actively water cooled to enable low thermal resistance and high output power without sacrificing lifetime.
Standard product configurations include 12, 20 and 36 bars in a compact framed housing at 8xx, 9xx, 10xx nm. Optionally, the vertical stack modules can be equipped with fast axis collimation (FAC) and slow axis collimation (SAC), as well as custom beam shaping. Customized packaging, configuration or wavelengths are also available upon request.


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  • Solid-state laser pumping
  • Medical/Life and health sciences
  • Material processing
  • Defense and security


  • Up to 100W CW and 200W qCW per bar 
  • 1.8 mm pitch between bars
  • Up to 36 bars in a single stack module
  • Reliable CW operation > 10,000 hours
  • Center screw, floating anode and cathode, and larger O-ring interface
  • Active water cooling for optimized lifetime and power
  • Low thermal resistance package
  • Fast Axis Collimation < 1 degree (FWHM) in far field divergence
  • RoHS compliance

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